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Image Credit: BTS Official Facebook

Filter was introduced on BTS’ 2020 album, Map of the Soul: 7, as Jimin’s solo track — his pride and joy. When Jimin performed the song live during their Map of the Soul ON:E online concert in October of the same year, he blew ARMY away with his intricate choreography, focus, and varying color schemes.

When Map of the Soul: 7 was released, Filter quickly shot up the charts. It ranked #1 on Amazon US for three consecutive days. As of April 2020, Filter set another record by being the fastest Korean solo song to surpass 40 million streams in Spotify’s history. It achieved this feat in only 65 days after its release. …

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Image Credit: BTS Official Facebook

The BTS rap line performance of UGH! staged as a part of their Map of the Soul ON:E concert was everything fans had hoped for — and more. This analysis explores the highly anticipated first performance of UGH!, and discusses the strong connection between the lyrics and staging, showing how the two compliment each other and work in unison to create a powerful performance.

The backstory of UGH!

RM, Suga, and j-hope use UGH! to criticize a society where people hide behind anonymity while using their anger against others. UGH! represents their frustration with malice-filled anger.

When RM starred on his own episode of MNet’s 4 Things Show, he was shown hate comments about himself. This was filmed during a time when he was still struggling to find a balance between his underground rapper identity and idol identity. In response, he said that he vowed to prove them wrong. …

To the lecturer who was stand-in family and a friend…

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The day before I found out of your passing

We had a text exchange

I texted you to thank you

For writing me a reference letter

For your support all these years

You replied me with some emojis

To which I replied back the same

You can imagine how shell-shocked I was

When I found out the very next day

It didn’t make sense to me

It was orientation day

I couldn’t recall how I found my way to the shower

I cried and I screamed

I crouched down, hoping I could hide from…

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Photo by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash

Breaking generational patterns

Can feel


When something has been the ‘norm’ for generations

It feels intimidating to speak up

Scary even

You feel like you’re the crazy one —

And a society that is not open to change would support that notion

Could we blame society?

The ‘norm’ was what kept people in their place

To not touch the system, to not keep anyone accountable

All in the name of so-called ‘peace’

When breaking generational patterns

Though it may feel like you are grasping around in the dark

I would like to remind you

That you are progressing, still

Not gonna lie to…

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Image Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, BTS ‘In The Soop’ series

I first heard of Almond when BTS members RM, Suga, and J-Hope were seen reading it during their reality series In The Soop. RM and Suga agreed that this book was “well-written” and “an interesting read.” This piqued my curiosity, which led me to search its synopsis and a translated version of the book.

Almond is Won-Pyung Sohn’s debut fiction novel. The English translation was done by Sandy Joosun Lee.

Almond follows the story of a boy, Yunjae, who was born with a brain condition called alexithymia. In the Author’s Note, it was clarified that alexithymia refers to “the inability to identify and express one’s feelings.” This condition is due to one’s lack of emotional development, and the size of the inborn amygdalae. I assumed ‘almond’ was an imagery used to describe Yunjae’s smaller-sized amygdalae. …

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Image Credit: @bts_bighit Twitter

A year ago, I wrote on how it was baffling that the Recording Academy had not acknowledged BTS despite their Map of the Soul: Persona album breaking multiple records. Records not just for each track making it to the Billboard charts, but also a music video that broke Guinness World records.

A year later, 24th November 2020 —

as per the reaction of four of the members above, it was announced that BTS are nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance!

(The complete list of 2021 GRAMMYs nominees can be accessed here.)

In this article, I will be breaking down:

  • what I (and possibly many of the ARMY community) felt about the…

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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

love alone was not enough

We met in debate

Eye-balling each other’s competition

– ourselves.

Little side glances turned into

Ongoing chats, topics ranging from

Vague insights of the future, to

Endless thoughts about the purpose of our existence

Daily, we were falling — and falling fast

Blooming, we both were

Unable to deny our attraction

Tossing and turning, occur

Weeks turned to months

Eventually you confessed

Regretfully, as you lamented years after, via text

Easing into the start of our relationship


Each other’s first real relationship

Valiant we were, in the face of naysayers

Eagerly, we basked in public validation of our couple…

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Photo by Miguel Dominguez on Unsplash

from the confines of my room, to the utter peace that I felt

Nudging forward, younger me whining

My family spoke highly of you

I barely knew anything, nothing

Other than Arthur the aardvark’s fascination with you

My fingers

Ran along your surface


In the midst of my unfamiliarity

I remembered my teacher

Smacking my fingers with a ruler

Whenever I forgot to cut my nails

A sin — as though they were screeching against rails

Aside from the techniques and examinations

I grew to love

The sound of your notes

The comfort that surrounded me

The avenue I was able to express what I…

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Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

everything goes, certainly, eventually, slowly

The chimes rang softly

Blending in

With your voice

Telling me


That everything goes




In that moment

My fear — subdued

My heart — pounding

Against my ribcage, steadily

My tears — flowed

Caught by my sweater, soaked


Comprehend, I could not?


Was I caught off-guard?


How could you make me question myself?


There was something about you


You moved me

You moved me

In the way you watched the Moon shining, in awe

In the way your eyes lit up at the stars across the…

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Image Credit: Mihai Surdu on Unsplash

Sexual harassment is measured by three dimensions: gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion. The World Health Organization estimates that sexual violence affects one-third of women worldwide.

The #MeToo Movement was originally founded in 2006, but went viral in 2017 when demonstrating the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the film industry. Its purpose is to empower, especially the young and vulnerable, through empathy.

1. Other than Hollywood, #MeToo made an impact in many industries:

1.1 Media

The New York Times first published testimonies alleging sexual harassment and abuse by former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. This kick-started a movement aimed at holding men accountable for their abuse of power. As of February 2020, Weinstein was convicted of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act. …


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