an advocate; to advocate

‘without fear or favour’ — will justice then be savoured?

Lily Low
2 min readJun 2, 2020

‘without fear or favour’

will justice then, be savoured?

especially so in times like these

our voices need to be shared, heard, and seen —

instead of flocking around like a gaggle of geese,

let’s speak words and take action that we actually mean.

to advocate — what does it involve?

to speak, to unite, to stand for one’s rights.

rather than jumping the bandwagon and saying words that don’t solve,

let us instead educate ourselves, and in turn, becoming better seen.

to be an advocate — who are these?

not just those in courts of law, presenting their case;

not just those pioneering organisations, spreading awareness in its midst;

those of us who keep informed, educated, and open

to sharing a discussion, rather than being bound by our own needs.

rather than giving naysayers the spotlight,

those who lap up the attention they receive;

let us instead focus on what matters,

rather than the mindless chitter-chatter.

the world is united,

now more than ever,

by trauma and trying times — we expected never.

but it’s time we all come together, sighted,

even more than ever.

Links to support and learn more:

  • #BlackLivesMatter: sign petitions, make donations, access resources
  • Good Good Good posted a guide: How To Be Actively Antiracist. It provides examples of resources to educate ourselves further. Instead of feeling helpless about the state of our world, we can challenge our own prejudices and educate ourselves more on these matters.



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