Breaking Generational Patterns Can Feel Lonely

Breaking generational patterns

Can feel


When something has been the ‘norm’ for generations

It feels intimidating to speak up

Scary even

You feel like you’re the crazy one —

And a society that is not open to change would support that notion

Could we blame society?

The ‘norm’ was what kept people in their place

To not touch the system, to not keep anyone accountable

All in the name of so-called ‘peace’

When breaking generational patterns

Though it may feel like you are grasping around in the dark

I would like to remind you

That you are progressing, still

Not gonna lie to you,

It’s hard

It involves working through trauma, insecurities, fears, doubts —

All to defeat a pattern practised for generations despite its toxicity

If this is the position you’re in

I am sorry

My heart hurts alongside you

We are all fighting ‘norms’ that shouldn’t be

Whether it be fighting

Laws that divide us

Generational patterns incurring years worth of hurt and prejudice

An unfair stigma, labels insistent to keep us quiet and complacent

And starting within ourselves

— the fight of our very own denial and complacency of what was



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Lily Low

Lily Low


“No darkness, no season is eternal.” | Writes about mental health, music, current issues, life, poetry, and faith.