c e a s e // f i r e (Part 2)

s t o p

Lily Low
2 min readSep 21, 2021
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we last left it at a

h a l t

make amends —

i’ve made one first step earlier today

will it make things better?

i don’t know for sure

will it be okay?

i don’t know for sure

but this is what my therapist said to me

here’s the gist

i can make amends by acknowledging my own behaviour and reactions

but i am not responsible for the reactions of others

i am not responsible in making sure they are pacified

i am not responsible in making sure they accept me

i am responsible in owning up to my behaviour

i am responsible in taking the steps to make my life better for me

but i was never responsible for these:

their reactions // their stance // their judgments // their words

were you ever meant to be responsible for everything that ends up going wrong?

why are you so convinced that you’re always in a game of dominoes

always cautious, careful, fearful

that one little step will bring everything else to its end


s t o p

breathe with me

stop carrying such a weight on your shoulders, it’s exhausting beyond belief

love yourself a little more

you are worth caring for

your strength does not make you any less deserving of good

your strength is not a testament of an expectation to always be fine

breathe with me

you are loved beyond measure



Lily Low

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