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  • Lauren R. O'Connor

    Lauren R. O'Connor

    Pop culture scholar and teacher. Author of “Robin and the Making of American Adolescence,” out in August 2021 from Rutgers University Press.

  • Yessenia Herrera

    Yessenia Herrera

    Writer. She/They. Capricorn. Twt: @_evrythngoes

  • Rashifa Aljunied

    Rashifa Aljunied

    IR undergrad who has ambitions to become a walking Wikipedia. Writes out of passion.

  • Veronica Bastardo Vera

    Veronica Bastardo Vera

    Journalist based in Venezuela with a great passion for music and storytelling.

  • Violet Daniels

    Violet Daniels

    Full time bookseller who is navigating the world one word at a time | Top writer in books & reading | Aspiring novelist | 📚

  • Somte Ralte

    Somte Ralte


  • Amanda Lopez

    Amanda Lopez

    writer/journalist. pop culture aficionado. she/her.

  • Aurora Delle

    Aurora Delle

    English Language Teacher. Writer. Reader. Editor. Explorer.

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