s h a t t e r e d (Part 1)

i have no right to

Lily Low
2 min readSep 20, 2021

a truce

just call a truce, they say

but how does one call a truce

when the problem stemmed from everyone chiming in with too much say?




i watched as my body trembled with an unbridled anger, a righteous justice,

an anger, nonetheless, at the empty void

for merely being able to echo back my cries

without giving answers, assistance, further directions

but what could i expect, right?

everyone else has been on this journey before

they’ve stayed and left, one after another

i have no right to be overwhelmed

i have no right to be exhausted

i have no right to

i have no right

i have no

i have


i don’t

you do

well maybe. but i can never be less than perfect

why is that?

because my one mistake always ends up with an involuntary game of dominoes

please elaborate

i do one thing wrong, everything around me collapses. i cross a line, the ground then threatens to swallow up everything i’ve ever known. i speak up, then i’m a mouthy little shit. if i am anything but pleasant, i’m then assumed to be scheming up plans for a rebellion.

sounds bad man

these are the waters i've known //

no intervention, unless something b r e a k s // maybe //

i gasp, splutter, crack my knuckles, look for something to fidget with

d i s t r a c t

i o n



dis tance

d i s t a n c e

f r o m


after all, there is a saying

“you can gain the whole world,

but lose your soul”

but how do i get to a truce?

h a l t —



Lily Low

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